Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Samuel Farm

On Monday Zev and I went to Samuel Farm. We had a (mostly) fun time. While we were feeding the goats, one put his hoof on top of Zev's hand. Zev did NOT appreciate this. I think it was both surprising and painful, but eventually Zev moved on because it was time for a HAY RIDE!

Here is the tractor.

a little self portrait...

A friend took a photo of us. It is hard to get Zev to look at the camera...

Zev is walking around the horse stalls. He really wanted to get the doors open more than he wanted to see the horses.

Let me touch that door!

Here he was distracted by a bird...

Looking at me!

Zev didn't make it far in this maze before he decided to just turn around and go back out the front. He doesn't yet see the point of a maze...

Here he is picking the pumpkin he gets to take home.

I think he really chose a winner.

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