Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Fair Time!

I love the state fair! I force poor Ari to go and spend money every year... Soon I will have convinced Zev to love the fair too. He had a lot of fun today. He ate a tiny bit of nachos and a little bit of a pickle. He loved looking at all the lights, colors, and activities...

Here we have a little flash back to last year... Look at that tiny baby!

Here is this year with mom and Big Tex....

Zev really enjoyed all the cars. He likes to push buttons.

He was interested in the kangaroos. There are lots of animals here; so many in a cage it made me sad. I hope they live somewhere nice during the non-fair weeks of the year. I did however get to pet a ZEBRA. He was so soft. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited about it. Even Ari had to pet it.

My mother insisted that we try to recreate that picture from last year up at the top. We got our cutest pictures here on this bench, so thanks mom.

Someone loves his dad!

Mom isn't so bad either...

I am doing a little bit of tickling to get these last two pictures, but it worked for me!

We had lots of fun, and Zev got to stay up late. I got to eat lots of unhealthy junk. I am excited to do it again next year!

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