Friday, October 1, 2010


Today I got the fun idea that Zev was old enough to chalk. I have this handy dandy chalk holder, but that really wasn't something Zev was interested in holding. He wanted to hold all the chalks. He put them in and out of the box several times. Loading and unloading things is still one of his favorite things.

Zev did not love drawing as much as I had hoped. I got some good chalking done though.

I ended up with quite a bit of chalk on my pants...

Due to Zev being a crawler, he ended up quite dirty! He doesn't look happy here, but he was having a good time. I swear.

Chalky feet and tush...

Crawling off into the sunset to get his rolling chalk...

After our chalk adventure, Zev took a big bath, had some dinner, and then went off to bed.

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