Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving pumpkins

We had some family pumpkin carving time. Zev loves pumpkins, that is, until you cut them open. He was not really as interested as I had hoped he would be. He also thought the seeds were pretty gross, and he did not really want to touch them. I should have known since it has taken me a few months to get him to think the play-doh is more fun than the box of tools...

He did try to help some...

His favorite part of the whole activity was putting the eyes and nose back in the right spots.

Ari got a little more creative in the end, and here is our finished product.

On another note, that night my mother babysat while Ari and I went to a Halloween party. Here is Ari as Clark Kent. I think he looks awesome. I was Lois Lane, and it was really not as impressive...


  1. Love Ari's costume! You need to post a picture of you!

  2. The photo of Ari made me smile. He pulled off a convincing Superman.