Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tahl has graduated from sitting in his car seat to sitting in the red stroller seat when he is awake. He likes it much more than his car seat.

He also likes to look at Zev! This works better too because Zev can see where we are going instead of just the back of Tahl's seat.

Today Zev was trying on my sunglasses, and I decided we needed some pictures.

He likes to wear them like me.

Then Zev decided Tahl needed to try them on too. He is loving it...

I think they might need to be cleaned...

This is another "marshmallow" smile.
Zev is a little wild looking because today was "Water Carnival" day at school. I am told he had tons of fun. Everyday when Ari drives Zev to school he asks him if he is going to swim, and he says "No, eat". So apparently Zev's favorite part of school is lunch. He just wants to eat some "wiwi" and "ah-dado". Who can blame him? He really loves his "marmemows" so maybe you will be seeing more (fake) smiles on here in the weeks to come!

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