Friday, March 2, 2012

San Fran

Rachel sent me the pictures off her camera from San Francisco. Thanks Rachel!

This is actually from before we got there, but I love it with all three little girls. They are all so cute.

Here is one where Jaren got her face painted with a Batman symbol. She cracks me up. Apparently Tova said it was between Batman and a shark??

Jaren and Harper on the slide.

Here is one of the kids playing. Tahl LOVED Lexi.

Here is Tahli! This kid is CUTE. Lexi is ready for him to pet her again or maybe drop some food.

Harper and Tahl. We have been thinking that they look alike. I definitely saw it when they were together.

Here they are checking each other out.

Here is Jaren holding Tahl. She is so sweet to everyone.

Jaren and Ava sliding together.

Ari with Ava. Ava is getting so big! She talking more and more, and she loved Tahl and Harper.

Tahl's main goal at the park was to get to the wood chips and eat them. No matter where I put him down, he made a bee line for the wood chips to get them into his mouth.

Monkey bars!

Zev wanted to try too.

Ava with a big bow (not hers). She seems to really be enjoying it...

This is a picture of Zev playing with Jaren. They played fire man with this piece of hose for quite a while. I think it is the longest Zev has ever played with another kid. Jaren is perfect for him because she has just the right amount of bossing him around, being so sweet, and not giving up on him when he ignores her.

They had so much fun.

They have the nicest back yard. Here I am pushing Ava in the swing.

Oren feeding Harper. He wins the best Uncle award for sharing a room with Zev over the weekend, even after he didn't have to. Zev woke up him up many times early in in the morning, the first night or two, so early it was still technically the middle of the night, 3:45 in the morning!

Here is Oren reading a book with Tahl. I think they both seem to be enjoying themselves.

Buby and Zevi reading together. Thanks again to Buby and Buster for having us and for watching Z + T while we were in Napa!

The whole ride to the airport, Zev kept saying that he wanted to stay at Buby and Buster's house. He had the best time. We wish it wasn't a (long) plane flight away, but instead a drive so we could see everyone more often!

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