Monday, May 7, 2012


Zev and Tahl had a big birthday party this weekend! It was construction madness over here.

Some of my family got here early to give their presents to the boys. Zev loved this book from Gigi and Grandpa with his picture in it.

 Here he is reading his card with Grandpa.

opening a present from Pops

 This was Zev and Tahl's big present from Pops and Gram. They love it! We have been needing a spot to do our construction projects.

Zev changed into his party shirt and started to decorate his party hat.

Madi was helping him. They had lots of fun together. 

Tahli was playing with Gram.

Tahl had lots of fun before the party even started.

I put these balloons out on the cones before the party started (with some help from my sister). I think it might have been too windy though... They ended up blowing around, and we gave up on weighting them down.

My other big project turned out great though.

 We had sand boxes on the back porch for entertainment.  Sand boxes are Zev's favorite thing.

We also put gravel in the water table, and we borrowed a few picnic tables from my friends for extra kids to sit at.

Zev got these blocks from Ari and I for his birthday.

We had bubbles and chalk in the side yard with the swing set.

We had lots of yummy fruits and veggies that Ari cut up, and I made some yummy dirt (pudding and oreo) cups for the kids.

Zev had been talking about having a cake with dirt on it for months.  It turned out cute, but it was way too much cake.

Tahl's cake turned out less cute, but Tahl still thought it was delicious (more pictures of that to come...)

 Tova made us awesome stickers that we used on our hard hats.  The kids also got tool belts to wear.

They could decorate their hats at this table.

Zev opened two more presents right before the party from his Mimi and Papa. 

He especially loved this working truck!

 Once his friends got to the party, they all got to building.

JJ is very handy.

Here are more of Zev's friends decorating their hard hats. 

 Here are mom and dad playing with Tahli at the party.

Grey and Emily were in town!  Grey LOVES trains. 

This is Emily, Grey, and in case you didn't know, baby Richardson #2! Emily is 17 weeks pregnant, and she looks amazing. 

Zev could not wait to get outside and play in the sand.  Here he is playing with Jaden. 

Zev loves digging, but sadly gone are the days where he used to be extremely neat.  He always ends up a giant sandy mess.  This was his favorite part of the party. I had to convince him to come inside for food.  He gave in when I mentioned cake though.

Not the best angle of me, but Tahl looks cute in his hat.  He loves it.
Today Tahl was wearing his hat when my mom was over. While he was crawling, the hat kept slipping over his eyes.  He would keep going and bump into something; then change directions and bump into something else... It was pretty funny.

Here is Zev getting ready to blow out his candles.

Tahl knew exactly what to do too!



Ari was again very stressed about Tahl eating too much cake just like at Zev's first birthday.  It all worked out, and Tahl was happy with apple and red peppers Ari replaced the cake with.

I think he really enjoyed himself while it lasted. I love that face. 

This face ended up pretty messy too. 

After everyone went home we opened up presents from the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and few friends who gave them. 

The guys loved everything they got.  Zev was really excited about the new back packs you can see in the background for traveling to go see Buby and Buster. 
The boys could not have had more fun at the party.  Tahl went outside to play towards the end in the sand and rocks. He had so much fun. He really can't wait to walk and be big.  Both boys were  exhausted, but they loved their special day. Zev looked at me during dinner and said, "I had my party. I'm three now."  I told him he still has to wait for his actual birthday! Tomorrow is actually his cousin Kade's birthday, so this is a busy month for us with birthdays!

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