Friday, May 18, 2012

Zev is THREE!

Today Zev is three! I tried to do it up big, the way I would have wanted my birthday when I was a kid (or even now...) The birthday paparazzi were at our house again all day long following every detail of Zev's day.

When we opened the door, Zev found this birthday hallway!

He didn't quite know what was going on, so instead of breaking through the streamers, he slithered underneath them. 

Here he is admiring the balloons.

He was pretty excited when I told him he was supposed to break them down so he could go through his door.

This guy loves DESTROYING things.

Ari helped him get the ones up high.

Two similar guys removing the tape off the door frame. 

Tahli liked the balloons too. 

After we left the birthday hallway, Zev went to the breakfast table where he found a big surprise: a doughnut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles! He was very excited.  He did not want Ari to steal a bite though. 


He was so proud that I let him eat off the "you are special" plate, which is glass. 

He even wanted to rest his cup on it. 

He insisted that I take this picture. Maybe he wants to remember his doughnut. 

After breakfast, the two guys got dressed, and we went on a walk before Tahl's nap. Tahl likes to wear these goggles. I swear he smashes them on his face until I put them on.  He already wants to be just like Zev. 

When we got back Tahl took a nap, and Zev and I read lots of books. 

Then we made patterns with the bears. 

Next we had friends over to play.

After our friends left, Mimi and Kade made a quick stop over to give Zev a present.

 Then it was time for a rest.  After the rest, these guys had a snack.  Tahl was in a much better mood than Zev.

This mean face was for show. 

This looks more like his real face. 

He has a very short new haircut as I'm sure you can tell. 

Tahl loves veggie straws and pears.

Zev is dancing in this one.

Next we went to the library and the park.  Ari got off work early and met us as a surprise to Zevi.  Tahl is doing really well on his walking.  He is walking more like 40% of the time now.  He likes to walk like a kid on the side of deep pool.  He holds on to different things, takes five steps to another thing, and then scoots along that.

Both boys did a little swinging.

Zev loves to ride behind Ari's bike.  He has been hoping for a ride for a few weeks.  He asked Ari today, and Ari said, "of course!"  Then Zev said, "that means yes!" in a very excited voice.  He kept telling me, "he said of course!" at least two or three times.  I think he then fell asleep on the big ride he had been hoping for so much. 

For his birthday dinner, Zev requested hot dogs.  He had a hot dog, sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, and a little salad.  He followed it up with the other thing he had been talking about all day, a cupcake. 

He was so happy to have it on his plate. 

It's very hard to resist digging in while your family is singing to you.

Next Zev opened his two presents from his mom and dad. 

Tahl tried to help a little.

Zev got to choose his own color for his fun birthday bath.  He told me he wanted "yellow like pee pee".  Boys are gross. 

He let Ari add some red to make it orange.  Tahl did not want to take a bath tonight. 

 Tahl got out and did some sort of strange naked dance.

Zev, of course, had to put out a fire before putting on his pajamas.

He was really excited about his new Buzz Lightyear pajamas that we gave him for his birthday.  He is making muscles here.

"To infinity and beyond!"

Zev is sweet, funny, and smart.  He is also stubborn, destructive, messy, and he is starting to argue with everything we say.  I am pretty sure this is typical for a guy his age, but it can test my patience. As soon as he gets out of time out though, he will give me tons of hugs and kisses.  He is the most loving kid I know. He is doing much better with being kind to Tahl, and even sharing with Tahl has improved some. He is creative, and he LOVES to play.  He still loves legos, playing fireman and working guy, and digging in the sand. He loves to read and would listen to probably as many books as I would be willing to read. Ari and I both know how lucky we are to have this kid in our lives. I am proud to be his mom.

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