Monday, July 16, 2012

15 months!

Last week Tahl turned 15 months!  He is AMAZING.  We think he is so smart and funny.  He loves to dress up and wear necklaces, hats, and anyone else's shoes.  He is a little walking tornado, moving things from room to room and making a mess where ever he goes.  He still LOVES to eat, and he is very expressive about how hungry he is ALL  the time.  He eats a pretty good variety and still drinks two glasses of milk a day. Tahl loves to read and is always bringing people books to read to him. He will sit alone with a book and look at the pictures.  He will point out what he finds like a dog or a car or his most favorite, a duck.  Tahl has quite a few words and he likes to try to copy what we say.  His most recent words are cracker, cookie, and ha (which can mean hat or hot).  He still says quack and cup the most, which can sound quite similar if you don't know.  He also says ma ma, da da, and he tries to say Zev.  Zev sounds just like when Tahl tries to say "sizzle" from his favorite Raffi songs, which is to say it just sounds like a Z sound.  Tahl loves to try to give me a "zerbert" on my belly by blowing a raspberry on me.  He gets really mad when I won't let him lift up my shirt to spit on me whenever he feels like it. I love spending time with this guy, and we are so happy for the past fifteen months with him!

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