Monday, July 9, 2012

Random + Tyler

Tahl loves wearing hats just like his brother. He also loves to wear necklaces.  I might have to hide them. (He dressed himself here, by the way.)

Zev just LOVES to fall asleep on the floor.  This was bed time as you can tell from the Buzz Lightyear pjs. 

Zev has been sharing a little better with Tahl.  Here is the evidence: Tahl is wearing Zev's BOOTS!  Zev even encouraged this !

Z actually decided that T needed to wear his fire man jacket to match the boots. Tahl was excited about it!

Zev was proud of himself for sharing. He was also busy being a dog.

Here is Zev AGAIN falling asleep in the middle of a bunch of books.  He pulled down books that are from my classroom too, so he had a lot to clean up.  Instead of cleaning up, he fell asleep on the books.

Then today, Tahl fell asleep, for the first time, on a book! He is going to be a little bit like Zev after all. My boys love to read.

Zev has been in Tyler since Saturday night.  He is having so much fun!  I've gotten a few pictures from Pops and Gram of Mr. Z. Here he is in Jacob's graduation hat and Jacob's shirt.  I forgot to pack Zev pjs... yikes.

Swimming with Pops! Zev has done lots of swimming in Tyler. 

Here is Zev eating a burger with Pops, Gram, and Madi.  I was told, he LOVED this crown.

He told Pops he wasn't going to take it off all day.  Here he is wearing it at the park.
Thanks everyone for taking such good care of my Zevi!  I know he has so much fun in Tyler.  Tahl had lots of fun too being the only guy at home. 

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  1. lol I can't believe all the random places Zev falls asleep. I love it!!!!! It makes me so happy!