Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Things have been very crazy around here lately.  Tahl has been busy helping with the laundry.  I did not put either of the things in the wash.

or these...

Zev is the king around here.  I really need some help with his behavior, any takers?

Tahl has discovered he likes to color! He also finally stopped eating crayons. 

Zev did a little painting at a friends house. 

What a face.

Speaking of cute faces, this guy has one.

This cheese was a little too close for the flash. 

As was Zev's friend Adelynn's. 

Almost any time that Tahl is missing he can be found in the middle of Zev's bed (or maybe on the couch.)  He loves to sit up high and feel big. 

It makes him happy.  It makes me crazy because he doesn't know how to get down!

Zev remains interested in his name.  He made the Z and the V.  I helped with the E. 

In other news Tahl went for his 15 month appointment a little late. He is 32 inches tall (50-75%), and he weighs 24 pounds and 8 ounces (50th%).  He was a great at the doctor, but his feeling were much more hurt by the shots this time.  He was also declared officially smart by his doctor. (It's not official until the doctor says so!) I counted his words before we went, and he is up to 23!  On Sunday I went in to get him, and he pointed to his diaper and said "poo". I couldn't believe it.  Speaking of poo, Zev has been POOPING IN THE POTTY for almost a week now!  We have been working on this since January, and I think he finally has it! Ari and I are so excited.

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