Thursday, September 13, 2012

17 months!

Tahl is 17 months! He is getting so big, and he is acting so much older.

I know I say this every month, but his language is just exploding. 
This week he learned "Costco" and "pizza" among other new words.

He is still a very happy guy.  He is also making more two word phrases like "see cat" and "and Mickey!"  

Tahl is VERY attached to his Mickey and schmata right now.

Tahl is also very interested in reading right now.  He brings me books all the time, and if I don't drop what I am doing right then to read it, he will throw a big fit.

For such a happy guy, he is capable of throwing a big fit.

Tahl has so much fun playing.  He could not be busier. He loves other people and to have fun.

Ducks are still his favorite animals along with dogs and monkeys.

Tahl has also been getting more into cars.  He likes to drive them and to say "beep! beep!"

Here is is playing a puzzle.  He is still working on this skill, but I think he is improving.

In this last picture, he is carrying around a camera like me, and he is yelling, "CHEESE!"
We are so lucky to have this guy.  He brings us so much joy every day.  We all love, love, love him, even Zev (or Zeeee! as Tahl calls him.)

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