Wednesday, September 12, 2012

San Francisco

Last weekend we went to San Francisco to meet Zev and Tahl's newest cousin, Ellie Felson! 
Tahl did better on the second flight than the first, but his favorite part was the airport.  He liked "driving" the little cars they use to take people around.

We went to the Children's Creativity Museum, which is one of Ava's favorite places. Oren had rented us a big 15 passenger van.  Here are Tahl, Zev, Jaren, and Ava waiting for Buster to park it.

Here is one of all the kids doing karaoke. All the kids were singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep," and Zev was singing very loudly "Do you have any more wool?" over and over and over.  It was hilarious.  He got louder and louder and started to sound more like he was singing heavy metal than anything else.

Here is everyone after the carousel.

Zev and Jaren had lots of fun!

Zev and Tahl had fun drawing on the chalk wall.  They both love chalk.

Tahl got bored quickly and moved on to puppets.

Zev did more chalk with dad.

Buby and Buster were lucky to have all 7 grandchildren in one spot! Zev and Tahl were fighting over those drum sticks, which is why they look the grumpiest...

Here is a cute one of Noah holding Harper.  He is getting so big!

This is what poor Mickey looked like by the end of our trip home.
Rachel has more pictures, but she is a little busy with her new baby, so when I get them, I will post them to the blog! We had lots of fun, and the guys really loved playing with their cousins.

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