Monday, September 24, 2012

Zev at school

Zev's teachers are really great at posting pictures this year!  I have a bunch more from the past few weeks. 

Here is Zev in music class. He is sitting next to his music teacher, Miss Cynthia.  In a few weeks Tahl is going to start a mommy and me program at the school.  Miss Cynthia will be leading us every Tuesday.

I'm amazed to see him sitting still next to his teacher. 

I guess it helps that they let him get up and shake these ribbons!

He appears to have a talent for it.

Zev's favorite part of music is the stamp you get at the end of class. This week he got a shofar, and he loved it.  He was telling me we need a shofar stamp at home, but I told him I didn't think that would be happening.

Here he is painting a whale in class. He is really enjoying stencils right now.

He's in music again on another day. 

He is listening to one of the mystery readers in the library.

coloring his spice box

Now he is painting water, he is very, very into art right now.  I think he saw how much Noah and Jaren loved drawing when we were in San Francisco, and now he is very interested.

I think after his entire picture was blue, he started introducing some white.

Here he is playing in the water table outside.

Hanging out with friends...

I am hoping he is not about to step on his teacher here...

This guy loves a good watering can.  He is still really into pouring, filling, and dumping things.

Here he is doing another art project.

He stamped yellow honey bees and red apples for Rosh Hashanah.

This is side ways, but this was in the card he made.  Zev has started writing his name!  We are so excited for him, I am loving his interest in letters and writing.  He does sometimes get frustrated when the letters don't look exactly like he hoped they would. I see a perfectionist in my future.

Here is he making a tree.

It turned out great, and we have it in our play room.
Zev seems to be having trouble controlling his impulses at school, but he tells me that he is loving it.

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