Thursday, March 25, 2010

pretty in pink...

Here is a picture of Kade, Papa, and Zev. We had a fun lunch together this week.

Today, Zev went to a play date at Beth's, but we ended up going to the mall. I didn't have my stroller with me, so Zevi ended up borrowing Lucy's backup stroller. Doesn't he look pretty in pink? I swear I didn't try to get him to do his wrist like that, but it is pretty funny...

Last, but definitely not least, a video of Zev and dad playing. Excuse his nakedness, but he had just had a big dinner of beets and spaghetti, so he ate naked. It makes the clean up easier.

When Zev was finished eating spaghetti tonight, he cried REAL TEARS because he wanted more. He usually fusses when dinner is over, but he was really upset about this. This guy likes to eat.

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