Monday, March 15, 2010


While we were in Tyler Zevi had a little jello! He didn't get much in his mouth. Most of it landed on his clothes, towel, seat, and face, but he had fun. Obviously we won't be eating jello all the time, but it was fun for a little adventure with his Pops, Aunt Li Li, Grandpa, and GiGi. There is a little video of him playing with it too!

Zev didn't start off too clean to begin with. He had a little bit of spinach on his head...

by the end, it was a little big gruesome...

Believe it or not, thanks to Aunt Lisa, the clothes came out perfectly clean! Zev is no worse for the wear, and contrary to Ari's worries is not asking for jello at each meal... If we go to Luby's again that might be a different story though.

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