Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zev has taken to fruit... He ate all of this on his tray, though he needs a little help because the fruit is slippery... We are still working on finding some veggies he likes. That is our big goal this week. He loves chicken and string cheese, and he still can't get enough of any sort of carb item. Zev's favorite activities right now include going everywhere and getting into everything, clapping, and listening to me read books. His favorite toys right now are probably an empty sprite bottle, a plastic cup, and a singing light up maraca.

Yesterday, Zev had a big day! He went to work with his dad, and then he went to Jennifer and Benjamin's third birthday party. He had lots of fun playing, and then in the afternoon he went to the park with mom and dad. Here he is loving the swing, like always. We are excited about our week. My dad is coming in town, so Z will be going to Tyler for a visit. We will definitely post pictures of that...

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