Monday, March 1, 2010

Dominican Republic

We got some more vacation pictures from Buster. Here is my favorite of Zev playing with his dad on the slide.

Here is a great one of Gregg (Buster), Karen (Buby), Grandma Dee, and Grandpa George at dinner. Thanks again to Grandpa George and Grandma Dee for taking us on this fantastic trip.

Zev and Buby

Zev and dad relaxing on a chair...

Jaren is too cute in all of her swim suits, but this bikini is too precious!

Zev and Uncle Oren. They had lots of fun together...

Zev on the beach with Buster and dad...

everyone relaxing at the hotel

Zev liked playing on the slide...

but not as much as Jaren and Noah!

Jaren was really brave just ready to get out and try anything. Noah takes a little more warming up, but he loved the slide too. Zev loved playing with his cousins, and he can't wait to see them again. We had lots of fun too, though vacationing with a baby is very different than doing it on your own.

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