Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mississippi, the final post

In our final post, we have the boys in the little matching outfits from my Aunt Lisa.

Starting off with a sweet picture of little Grey looking so happy.

Here they are staring at each other. I wonder if they are already thinking this is embarrassing!

Zev wants to touch baby Grey, but he doesn't exactly know how to touch softly. We are practicing, but he does only want to be nice. He does not always succeed...

Zev liked to share with Grey because he could take things back whenever he wanted them. He doesn't usually like to share with big kids because they walk off with HIS stuff.

"STOP MAKING ME SIT HERE!" and "Yum...hands"
The boys are in very different places.

As you can see though, they like each other. Zev wants Grey to talk to his dad on the phone just like he does.

Last, I had to include this one. This is a face I see all day long. Here is Zev asking for help. Maybe he dropped something, maybe he can't get the lid off his bubble container, but in this case he wants the yellow piece he pulled off back on the mouse. If I help him quickly, he gets really excited, but if I am too slow, he will let me know. Zev got a little sassier in Mississippi, and we are working on being sweet now that we are back in Texas!

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