Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Busy is what Zev is all the time, which is why even though there is a ton to film, I am often so busy with him that forget! Zev is still loving his kitchen. That keeps him busy a lot.

Today we were very busy. This morning, in December, it was 80 degrees. So, we went to the zoo. I, of course, forgot the camera, but we got a cute video of Zev going down the slide in the Children's Zoo.

This afternoon since it was still so nice, and we went to the park. Zev has had texture issues until now, and he has never wanted to play in the sand. Today, he has apparently changed his mind.

We were both covered in sand. It was in my shoes, my shirt, and even down my pants. Zev had it in his shoes, and he did not like when I took them off to get the sand out.

Here is another little video that shows just how busy Zev is...

We have big plans this week with Christmas coming up, and then a little trip to Tyler. Hopefully I will remember to blog more!

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