Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

We have had so much fun over the last 8 nights. Zev really enjoys lighting the candles. He loves to help and he loves PRESENTS even more. Beware this is a long post.

Here he is on night one opening his veggies...

He likes to eat the carrots and the tomato.

The next day he opened his fruit. On the third night, he opened some fridge foods. He also opened this fun book that makes noises from Grandma Mimi.

On the fourth night, he got an egg puzzle set, which I love. On the fifth night he got a sandwich making set, which he liked. On the sixth night, he got a pizza set which he seemed to really like.


Here is Zev getting out the candles.

He gave them to me, and I lit them, at least on this night, because Ari wasn't home. I had to make up some of the words to the prayer, but luckily Zev didn't notice.

Here he is lighting the candles with dad on the eighth night.

Sometimes he does want to try to blow the candles out, and we have to tell him no...

On the seventh night, Zev got a guitar and a game from my mom.

Here we have the big reveal on night eight.

Here are a few of Zev playing in his new kitchen. I think we are going to have hours of fun with this.

Opening and closing things is fun...

Here is Zev on the phone

This is my favorite. You can see him getting water from the fridge and then microwaving...

Hope everyone reading had a fantastic Hanukkah, and if you don't celebrate it, lucky Zev will wish you a merry Christmas in a few weeks!

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  1. That is the coolest kitchen! Addie will have tons of fun playing with Zev and his new toy. Is it in the play room? Did you move the TV?