Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grey visits!

On Christmas Eve morning Zev had some visitors. Matt, Emily, of course, most importantly Grey came over to play and exchange gifts. Zev and Grey got along pretty well.

Zev shared his toys with Grey (most of them anyway). He would bring him these balls, and if he ran out of hands, his mouth was a great place to leave it for him.

Here is Zev and I with a gift we got from Emily. This turtle puts the stars up on the ceiling, and he LOVES it. He just doesn't understand why he can't see stars during the day though...

Grey is getting so big and looking so old.

He even made it through the tunnel!

Matt invented another game for Zev to play with the tunnel.

It looks like he didn't like it here, but actually he did. He still wants to play, and I am pretending I don't know what he wants...

Grey and I, after Zev gave him a little shove. He was needing more love after that.

So, Zev decided to make up with him. There was some good kissing going on. It is hard to capture on camera, but they both had their mouth's open with lots of slobber.


Grey, me, and the baby in the belly! We have a similar picture of Emily with Zev last year and baby Grey in her belly.

Me and all THREE boys (sort of)!

All of us, and Matt got us actually looking. I think he may want to stop being a doctor and move on to being a baby photographer. I think he could have a gift.

Speaking of Matt, here is a little video of he and Zev playing peek-a-boo!

We had so much fun with this bunch. Hopefully we will get to see them again in January when they come back, and maybe even make a trip to Mississippi before the new baby boy arrives.

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