Friday, January 21, 2011

20 months...

This week, Zev was very sick. He just had a bad cold, but it came with a terrible fever and a bad cough. He had to skip school Tuesday, but he made it in Thursday and had a good day. Tuesday was Zev's 20 month birthday. In honor of Zev's twenty month birthday, I give you 20 minutes in the life of Zev.

Zev put his own hat on, and he was very proud of himself. We didn't tell him it was backwards.

This hat goes along the same line as the dinosaur costume, sometimes he just had to wear it and be a monster.

And, of course, do monster things, like mess up mom's stools.

Oh wait, a phone call. How do I get these flaps up?

He figured it out.

The after phone call hat look.

Then he completely lost the hat. This is a severe case of hat head.

Zev is doing lots of new things now that he has made the big 2-0. When he FEELS like it, he can identify just about every body part from elbow to neck, he can pick out most general colors like red, blue, green, etc., and he can definitely say a few more words. He says Elmo, and he doesn't say many ending sounds, but he is happy to say "bu" or "bo" for button, book, Buby, bear, blue, blue berry (bu bo), etc. He will definitely let you know what he wants somehow. He understands everything I say and follows instructions really well. If he spills a little bit of milk on the floor, I can give him a towel, and he will clean it up himself. He is also just so much fun. He still loves cars, his dog, reading, and singing songs. He will do teddy bear, teddy bear and wheels on the bus. He loves to color, paint, draw, and do play-doh.

I know this is a lot of details, but this is our baby book after all!

We could not be luckier because Zev is just an awesome guy. His teacher told Ari last week that he is a great "peer model" for his classmates. They say he shares well (besides people who are slow on the slide or try to take his car) and he never cries.

These have been a great last 20 months, and we can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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