Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun with Friends

On Monday, Zev had a few friends over to play.

This is my favorite new picture. Ari was not impressed, and said Zev is in the middle of blinking. I just didn't care. I think this shows his current personality perfectly.

Here is everyone playing. I forgot to take pictures before Catherine and Sofina went home, but here we have Beth, Lucy, Zev, and Kade.

Kade, Zev's cousin, was really enjoying the magna doodle. Zev has never made a picture with that much coloring.

Kade also liked the power tools.

Lucy was taking turns with her mommy on the phone.

Mr. Social

Zev's sharing is really improving. He only got mad about other people using his things a few times. This is something we are definitely working on with the new baby coming. At least it will be a while until the baby touches Zev's (or at least what he believes to be his) toys.

On another baby note, if you ask Zev where the baby is (and he feels like it...) he will point to my belly or lift up my shirt. I don't know if this is helpful or confusing, but it sure is cute.

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