Friday, January 14, 2011

Art at home

Zev and I have been doing lots of art at home lately. He loves coloring, play-doh, and stickers.

He is very particular about his stickers. He likes to put them on top of each other, and the circles often have to go in certain spots on top of each other or the balloons on another sticker. It is fun to watch.

Today we decided to try painting. I thought, if his teachers can do it with eight kids I can do it with just one. Right?

Started off a little rough when he wanted to keep the whole bottle of paint in front of him.

He recovered nicely though.


As you can see, he got messier and messier...

I thought about making him stop putting it on his hands, but he usually hates having his hands dirty, so I thought maybe it would be a break through.

He was pretty happy with himself.

Here is a little video of him painting. It cracks me up. I love when he accidentally makes a noise with his brush and then decides he should keep doing it.

After the mess I had to clean up, we may not paint again for a few weeks or maybe we will just stick to painting naked in the tub.

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  1. he is so cute!! does baby boy have a name?! can't wait to hear what yall pick :-)