Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday at the Park

Texas has crazy weather. This week on Wednesday the high will be 30, but on yesterday, the high was around 70. After Zev's nap we went for a walk to the park near our house to play.

He went down the slide racing mom.

Down the slide racing dad...

Down a different slide on his own.

Here he is going up the stairs to drive and go down the slide. When he got to the top, he shoved the other boy out of the way. Waiting for your turn is not yet something Zev understands...

Zev is driving his steering wheel and the other boy's wheel. That boy gave up and left. We are working on sharing...

water break and hugs

Zev decided he needed to walk on these.

A little help from dad is needed.

We have had a busy weekend. Zev went to a baby shower on Saturday where he did very well and a Christening today where he did not as well. He did enjoy the lunch afterward. We have a busy week planned with play dates, park time, school, and more.

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