Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zev's first day of school!

Today was Zev's first day of school. As soon as he woke up, the paparazzi were in his room taking pictures of a morning in the life of Zev. Please enjoy.

Morning hair do:

Just showing off the open chest I am greeted by each morning.

Then we move off to wake up dad.

He found a hat, so of course, he had to wear it.

Zev loves to put things in the dirty clothes basket, this one though, he was pulling out. He is sure that Ari should wear this jacket everyday. When Zev makes a fashion decision for you, he wants it followed. We have spent mornings trying to convince him that you don't wear slippers to work or that we already have on shoes, but he is sure he knows best.

We went to the kitchen for breakfast. I looked over and Zev's favorite dog was in his sink. He told me he was giving him a bath.

Then he was microwaving some breakfast. I don't think he knows about putting metal in the microwave.

Breakfast is ready! Zev is not a man who likes to eat slowly.

After all that mess, it is time to change for school.

Here is he trying to sneak in a few books while he gets his shoes on.

Finally, we arrive to Zev's first day of school! He is starting to feel a little shy, but he has his dog.

Oh, you have toys in here?

Here he is playing with his first friends. He is going to be getting there early each morning before school starts at 8:45, so we went early to today so I could stay with him in the early room, and then we could move into his real classroom together.

Then we moved into his real classroom. Here he is playing with one of his teachers, Miss Lori.

Zev loves the kitchen where ever he goes...

A whole tub of balls? Don't mind if I do.

Then he found a helicopter. By this point, he doesn't care if I am there or not.

So I went home. I told him goodbye, and I heard one scream. When I came back, they said that was it. He didn't cry, he just went back to playing and having a good time. He had a little paint on him when I got there, so I know he had fun with that. They said he loved playing outside, and he loved lunch. All in all, a great first day.

Here we are when I came in to pick him up.
A proud mommy and a tired boy.

Hopefully it will go this well on Thursday. I will keep you updated!

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