Monday, February 14, 2011

San Francisco

Ari, Zev, and I went to San Francisco for a long weekend this past weekend. I know the pictures seem random, but they are in order of the fun we had!

Here are Zev and Ava together in the tub on our first day. I think they really liked each other. Zev did a good job sharing with Ava and touching her nicely. Ava liked watching Zev being a silly guy.

It is hard to get them looking at the camera at the same time.

Here we are Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Zev seems grumpy, but he had a lot of fun trying samples and seeing all the dogs that people bring out.

Here we are on the pier. Zev is smiling in this one because he is sure that Buster is hilarious. They had a lot of fun together. Buster is a very crazy stroller driver.

Ari and Zevi looking out at the boats.

Buster took Zev home for a nap, while Ari and I went to Alcatraz with Rachel. Here we are later on the boat.


a cell

Ari in solitary...

Here we are on the island during a pause in the tour.

Later we went to Chinatown.

It is just about Chinese New Year, so we got to see some fun decorations and...

a nice show.
We also ate a delicious lunch. We went out to eat again that night with Rachel and Zach. Thanks to Buby and Buster for babysitting all day.

Here is Zevi with his Buster.

Zevi kissing Ava

Hugs for Aunt Ray Ray

Here is Zev playing. He loved that Buby and Buster's furniture hasn't come in yet. Empty rooms and a big exercise ball make a very happy Zev.

He also loved all the fireplaces in Buby and Buster's house. "Hot" is his favorite word right now (besides Bada bada bada bada). His other favorite word is Elmo, which he somehow convinced Buby and Buster to buy him when they went shopping. I think they had a lot of fun together.

Sweet baby Ava

Zev hugging Buby

more hugs...

Zev, Buby, and Ava snuggling...

He did really well on the plane, and we had a great time. Can't wait to see everyone again!

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