Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day...

Today is another snow day in Dallas. We are stuck inside, and our plans were canceled. We were going to the doctor to hear the baby's heart beat, but instead we decided to play at home.

This morning Zev was reading me a book. It went like this "Elmo, Elmo." He turns the page and says "Elmo" and then maybe "bubble". (Elmo is in the bathtub.) It was so cute, and I went in the other room to tell Ari about it. I must have closed the door behind me, and just as Ari was asking me what book it was, we see it come sliding under the door. It was followed by another book and a matchbox car. Apparently our little hoarder has learned to shove things under the door to the room you are going into, and then your hands will be free to open the door. We were cracking up.

After Ari headed off to work, Zev decided to do a little house cleaning.

I am a wonderful mother because I thought it was so cute, that I let him keep cleaning even though it was making him sneeze... I guess I need to clean that thing out more. When he forgot about it, I did put it up high, so he won't be cleaning for a while.

Zev also did a little painting, played toys, and then he decided his baby needed go in the swing.

This is cute, but then it got cuter. He was "singing" to his baby. By that, I mean he was making the hand signs for the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle". I missed all the pictures of that though. I also missed the pictures where he decided that the swing looked fun, and threw his baby out so he could get in. We are still working on this whole baby thing. We are having fun in the process.

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