Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

Zev likes Sunday. Dad is home and we try to do something fun together. Some Sundays are more fun than others, and today was a good one.

This morning after a big blue berry pancake breakfast, we went to the zoo.

Zev loves to get out of his stroller now and meander around the zoo. He touches the lights, the plants, and he loves the CAR.

Zev and dad went crawling through the tunnels today. Zev loved this, and he ran right back over to go again.

Round 2

Zev is starting to like the animals, but more than that he loves all the "stuff" at the zoo. The tunnels, getting to wash your hands, the discovery house, and most of all the slide.

After the zoo, Zev napped and ate lunch. Then we went out to play in the backyard for a while.

Zev likes to play on the slide, pull his wagon, push his mower, and play in the little house. I am trying to get him to kick the ball to me, but no success yet in any general direction... After that, he played in the kitchen, went to the grocery store, ate dinner, and played outside more with dad.

I think Zev has a pretty good life.

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