Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week has been crazy icy weather in Dallas. My school and Zev's were both canceled. We also can't drive on the ice, so we have been staying home. The first day was fun, they second was still fun, and by today, we are starting to feel a little crazy. Luckily I had a friend who car is not iced in her garage come over this morning. That gave us a little break.

We have played in the kitchen, built towers, played cars, and everything we can think of. We have also been playing a lot in Zev's new room. (More on that in the next post...)

Here is Zev when he took an extra bath with finger paints and bath crayons yesterday morning.

These are all iphone pictures, so excuse he quality.

Zev has also been very interested in his baby doll this week. I think they have dolls in his class at school, and we have also been talking a lot about babies.

Here is his baby in a diaper and Zev's slippers (both his idea).

Then we put his clothes back on.

After that I had the idea to get out some of Zev's newborn pajamas.

Zev has been carrying his baby around and even putting him in the baby swing. Here they are sitting at the table together. Zev put him in his chair and then went to sit across from him.

This seems like one step closer to being ready for a little brother!

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