Monday, November 14, 2011

7 months!

I can't believe Tahl is 7 months! He is growing so fast, and he is SO sweet. He is happy, funny, and adaptable. We are having lots of fun with him learning to sit and crawl.

He always wants to be on the move.

He loves Zev, and he loves to watch everything he does.

Zev loves him too, but he does not really like for him to touch his stuff. Zev can be a little on the bossy side...

Tahl still nurses about 4 times a day, and he is loving the baby food.

We also gave him so "mum mums" and this is how the felt! He loves them, but he can't really do small things like cheerios yet because he can't pick them up.
We are in love.

This weekend we went on a VERY short trip to Tyler to see everyone. Here is Tahl playing on the floor at Grandma's house.

Zev DOES NOT want to share his legos. These are going to be some growing months for Zev...

Here he is getting love from his Gram to make him feel better.
Hopefully next time we can stay in Tyler a little longer!

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