Sunday, November 6, 2011


This past Thursday my great grandmother, Virginia Lee Thedford, passed away. Mamaw was 97, and she was an amazing woman. She had two kids, seven grandchildren, thirteen great grand children, and two great great grandsons (Zev and Tahl). She was married to my great grandfather for 65 years. I remember that she was a wonderful woman who was sweet, a great cook, and always spoke her mind. She never got to meet Tahl, but here she is with Zev.

She said he was "the most beautiful baby she ever saw"... I am told she said this about all of grand children.

I was lucky to have Mamaw in my life. I know my boys couldn't be luckier to have her daughter, their great grandmother, in their life either. My boys still have 1 great great grandmother, 10 great grand parents, and 6 grandparents. They are incredibly blessed.

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