Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today our family went to a truck show at a temple in town. Zev had LOTS of fun. He played around on this truck while he waited his turn for the backhoe.

Here is Zev driving the backhoe while wearing his backhoe shirt...

Investigating the digger

Climbing in the digger

I'm trying not to laugh at this series of pictures because I feel that it makes me a bad mother, but he did get over his head injury really quickly...

He got over it just in time to "jump" out the window when the smoke detector went off.

Zev liked this fire dog.

It's hard to tell, but here are Ari and Zev driving the fire truck.

Zev was too busy driving to look at the camera.

Here he is trying out the back seats.

There was also an old fashioned fire truck.

Zev loved ringing the bell.

He also got to drive an 18 wheeler and pull the string for the horn. He really loved running in the trailer with Ari.

We thought Tahl might like to drive the tractor.

Zev even let him go first.

They both sat on this saddle too.

I asked Zev if he wanted to sit on the horse. Zev walked in a circle around the saddle and then he said "has no face..."

All three boys in a giant chair.

The last thing Zev got in was this police car. It is amazing how many adults will watch their kids cut in line and not say anything, but eventually Zev got a turn. He was too busy checking out the walkie talkies to stand up for a driving picture.

We got one of Tahl though. He's got his serious police man face on.

On the way out Zev saw this slide and had to try it.

He went twice.
He told me his favorite was the fire truck. We had a lot of fun, and we may have to make this an annual event.

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