Monday, November 7, 2011


When I was at my great grandmother's funeral on Saturday, my Aunt Julie reminded me that what I should take away from the day was the importance of recording my memories with these amazing little boys. Here we have just a few.

Here is Zev doing one of his favorite new things, a forward roll! We have to watch out that he doesn't hit anyone, anything, or any Tahl!

Some other big Zev moments this week:
1. He told me he saw bears in the back yard, when I said I didn't see anything, he told me, "IMAGINE bears"... with a very duh tone of voice.
2. The same afternoon Zev was pretending that his Rody horse was peeing into his dump truck. His play is getting very interesting...
3. About every third thing Zev says to Ari is "both boys!" He loves to talk about how they are both boys, but Tahl he could give or take.
4. Zev is having a rough time with Tahl's new desire to play with his stuff.

How is Tahl playing with all of Zev's stuff you ask?
He can sit!

He does still fall over quite a bit, but he is getting really good!

On an even more exciting note, he is crawling! He has been sort of scooting and lunging for a little while, but now he is really moving! He has skipped the army crawl and gone right to the big stuff! Let's hope he keeps going slow for a while now.

Please excuse my shoddy camera work, but Zev's cheering is pretty cute. He does like Tahl every once in a while. It is taking most of my patience to try to teach Zev to get along with Tahl, but hopefully it will pay off to make two guys who are good friends.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Mamaw. I miss you dearly and I can't wait to play with those babies one day! I will roll with Zevy!