Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

We got back from Atlanta on Sunday night, but we are having some technology issues around here, so I am just getting around to loading some (mostly Rachel's) pictures. We had such a great time, and it was so wonderful of Tova and Brad to host everyone right after they just had a baby! Karen and Gregg had been helping with the baby too, and they still found time to get Thanksgiving together. Thanks everyone!

Here is Zev playing at the table. He had so much fun on this trip. He loved the hotel, playing with his cousins, seeing all his family, and all of Noah and Jaren's toys. He also loved playing "i spying" out the hotel windows...

Here you can see Zev and Ava's cute matching shoes.

The kids had lots of fun playing with their aunts and uncles, especially Oren who is super fun.

a little tv time

Here are Tahl and his dad. Tahl had tons of fun too. He loved all the attention and crawling around exploring.

Here is Grandma Mimi with the new baby Harper. She is so sweet and quiet.

We went out to dinner on Wednesday night. We had our own room and the kids loved it. Here is Buster playing with Tahl.

Zev and Jaren became pretty good friends. Here they are hugging good night.

on our way out

We had lots of fun Thanksgiving. There were tons of kids there, having lots of fun.

Lindsay also had these stickers on her face, but for some reason there is no picture of her...

All the kids had fun spinning in these chairs.

Tahl spent his day playing, crawling, and being held by all his cousins.

Rachel, Tova, and Harper

This is the day after Thanksgiving. Harper had her baby naming, and it was really nice. Jimmy and Dale had yummy burgers from Varsity there and tons and tons of delicious desserts.

Here is Zev reading with his dad after the naming.

Zev also loved playing up on Noahs bunk bed. Ari, Zev, Jaren, Noah, and I also played the best game of hide and seek ever. Jaren jumps out and giggles, and Z just screams, "I in Noah's room!" The two of them were so excited when they would find each other.

On Saturday we went to the Georgia Aquarium with Ari's Uncle Larry, his cousins Danny and Beth, and his Aunt Robin with her kids Matthew and Amanda.

Here are Amanda, Zev, Matthew, and Danny.

You can't really tell from this picture, but this was the biggest aquarium I've ever seen. It was HUGE. The place was amazing with whales, giant sting rays, sharks, and all sorts of things.

Here are the little guys looking at the whales.

Ari and Zev

Here are Danny and Zev in a tunnel you could crawl through. We also went through a penguin tunnel where they swam right next to our heads, but we didn't get a picture of that one.

While we were at the aquarium, Noah, Jaren, and Ava went with Buster, Brad, Zach, Rachel, and Brad's dad Jimmy to the Georgia/Georgia Tech pre-game. They had lots of fun.

We tried for a picture with Buby and Buster and all six of their grand kids before we left on Sunday.

Then we tried for one of just the kids. It was much harder. Here is Zev snuggling Jaren.

Immediately after, I think, kicking Ava...

Zev got some sun glasses.

Someone made poor Ava sit back next to the bully and she wasn't happy about it. Tahl isn't too happy either.

This might be cute if you just had Noah and Jaren with the baby.

Zev still loves to pick on Ava, and he is actually testing his bullying muscles quite a lot on everyone. His favorite person to bully and boss is poor Tahl. Hopefully he will grow out of it soon...

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