Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8 months (+ some extra fun)

Tahl is EIGHT months old!

He is an amazing, fun, and happy baby. He is active and silly. He is crawling everywhere, pulling up, and is very verbal. We do wish he would sleep better though the night, but he is otherwise practically perfect in every way.

We got the one above picture of Tahl in the chair before he decided he should leave.

When I put him back, he discovered he had a sticker.

He took one more picture in the chair before he moved to the floor for safety.

If only he would keep his hands out of his mouth, he'd have lots of cute pictures.

Tahl went to pick up Zev's shirt. Zev, of course, took it away. When I asked him to give it back, this is where it ended up. Luckily Tahl doesn't seem to mind yet.

He went over to the bookshelf to play. Earlier this week, Zev took a book from Tahl's room. When he was taking it off the shelf, he told me, "I borrow this from Tahli's library..." It cracked me up.

Somewhere else fun to pull up.

Zev wanted Tahl to touch his head. He was mad when Tahl pulled his hair.

Zev got over it quickly though because he went to get his guitar. He told me he was going to sing "many let it be's"...

He also decided he needed to take his picture with the sticker.


This guy is cute.

That is until he has an itchy tushie.

I know this picture is boring, but it shows some progress. Zev decided (on his own) to share his guitar with his brother. It lasted about 20 seconds, but progress is progress.

This sweet little guy was crawling down the hall to me in my room.

Until he heard Zev in the living room.

He turned in the doorway to see this...

Zev, who was rearranging the furniture.

Tahl, naturally, has to get right in the middle of the mess.

Last, but not least, Zev finished putting the furniture back, and he decided to sing the Dora song: "I did it! I did it!" Here are the pictures of the accompanying dance.

All this excitement, even before breakfast. It's never dull around here.

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