Saturday, December 31, 2011


We were in Tyler for Christmas. We had such a great time visiting with family and friends, and Zev loved getting visited by Santa. Here is Zev setting out Santa's cookies.

After he went to bed, Santa brought this!

Santa also brought Zev a book, a "Mater" costume, and a "worker guy" costume.

Here he is running in to see what Santa brought him.

I asked him what Santa brought him, and he said "nothing..." I think he didn't understand that these were his presents.

Then the wheels started turning.

Tahl took to his present right away.

Tahl even got to play Godzilla.

Here is Zev opening his stocking. The first thing he got was truck stickers. He passed them out to everyone in the family. He is very particular, so each person has to get two matching stickers, one for each hand.

He got an Elmo t-shirt in his stocking.

Here he is trying out his working guy stuff.

driving trains

Tahl's favorite, eating wrapping, bags, and tiny lego pieces.

Here I am opening my stocking from Ari, best husband ever.

After opening presents at my dad's house we all got dressed and went over to my Aunt Lisa's house for brunch and more family Christmas. Here is Tahl with my cousin Keaton.

Tahl loves to flirt. Here he is with another one of my pretty cousins, Meredith.

Tahl is hanging out with his dad now, trying to eat his egg casserole. Tahl is sure that big people food is the way to go.

Grandma got an Elvis snuggie!

Everyone gave grandpa a gun! Crazy!

Zev got a fireman costume and a fire truck from Grandma and Grandpa which he LOVED. Here he is putting out a fire in the Christmas tree.

After all that, people took the afternoon off. Madi and I watched the last Harry Potter movie which everyone else napped. Then people came over to my parents' house for dinner. Zev was very excited to see Uncle Scott again.

He also hung out with Aunt Li Li.

Somehow Ari was dared to eat this congealed salad. He couldn't stand that they were going to throw it away, so he gave it a try.

I'm pretty sure this was right before he spit it out...

Tahl loved Pop's and Gram's kitchen island. He loved to crawl up and sit here, but then he would get stressed about getting down. It didn't stop him from crawling up over and over though.

When we got home, I set the train from Santa up on the table from Buby and Buster. It fits perfectly, and Zev loves it! His favorite part is the crane. He loves moving it up and down.
We had so much fun with everyone in Tyler. Zev and Tahl loved spending time with our family and staying at Pop's and Gram's house. They feel so special when they are there. Thanks for having us!

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