Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Night of Hanukkah!

We had a super busy day today.
Right after breakfast we made some crafts. I had to include this one because it is too cute.

All day long, Zev said, "We made Santa face!" He wanted to do it again right away. We used finger paints to make a menorah next. We have made it the last two years, and I wanted to see how the boys' hands grow over time.

Here is Tahl's:


After this we went to a play date where we decorated Christmas cookies, then home for lunch and a nap. After that we went over to my mom's house where she gave Zev an early (by just a few hours) Hanukkah present. He LOVED it. He has been asking for a scarf.

She got it in navy to match his winter coat, and of course, it wasn't quite as cold today and I let him wear his fleece. We will get more pictures later I'm sure. He also wore his scarf and hat to meet Santa at the mall, which I am sad to say you are not allowed to take your own picture of. You have to pay $25 for the package, which being married to Ari, I cannot do in good conscience.
Right before we left to meet Santa, I asked Zev again what he was going to ask him for. He told me, "everything." We have been talking about asking him for "working guy stuff" (a construction worker costume) and a train for a week or two, but apparently that hadn't sunk in. Then Zev told me he would ask him for a book, no many, many books. (I think he got this idea from a book we have been reading about a bear who gets a book from Santa.) Last, he told me he would be asking for a phone. I said, "You already have a phone." Then he said, "A phone that plays music like mommy..." So, he wants an iphone from Santa, or at least an ipod. I told him Santa doesn't make phones, only toys...

When Zev did meet Santa, he asked him for just a book. Santa asked him if he wanted anything else, and then he said a train table. He did great sitting in his lap, and he wasn't shy at all.

Not too long after we got home from meeting Santa, we started Hanukkah which is even more exciting to Zev. There has been quite some build up for Hanukkah this year at school. The school also has a video on YouTube of the Hanukkah songs, which we watch many times a day.

First only Tahl was involved.

Then Zev came over to help, and I distracted Tahl from the candles with the camera.

Time to open a present.

Tahl got to open his first Hanukkah present ever with dad. He is getting books and old toys of Zev's that we took down from the attic and wrapped.

Then as a big surprise, Ari put out the new train table that Buby and Buster got the boys. I think Tahl likes it.

I think Zev likes it too. The only thing missing now is a train, and I think Santa just might bring that...

I'm sure Zev is saying something very nice to his brother...
We are excited to have seven more nights of Hanukkah, and it is almost Christmas! This is a fun (and busy) place to be in December.

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