Monday, December 12, 2011


Here are a few random pictures of the kids.
Zev went to a birthday party on Sunday at Chuck E. Cheese. He had a great time, and he definitely LOVES chocolate cake.

Sunday night we made a gingerbread house. Zev even got to sample a little.

Tahl is currently pulling up ALL the time. He can't do it on the table, but anything a little lower is fair game: drawer handles, Zev's kitchen, stools, and his crib.
Tahl is not quite sure how to get back down yet. He fusses sometimes and I will look over and find him stuck all sorts of places. Yesterday we saw him stuck up on Zev's kitchen with just his mouth, no hands.

We also got out the tunnel. Tahl loves crawling through it.
I ran out of time today for Tahl's 8 month pictures, so I will have to take them tomorrow.

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