Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Indoor Safari Park

It is FREEZING in Dallas today, so we went on a trip to the Indoor Safari Park. (Thanks Emily for the coupons.) The boys both had lots of fun. It was really empty, so Mr. Tahl got to play in the balls.

Zev loved the ball pit too.

There were two little girls playing with Tahl in the ball pit. They were rubbing his head and talking to him. He loved it.

Here he is all by himself.

That is until this guy comes down the slide. He likes to "swim" in the balls.

He also rode on the train all by himself.

Tahl and Zev both also had fun crawling around in the baby section.

Zev did end up in timeout though for pushing his brother...

There were so few kids that I let Zev go up into the 5-10 year old crawling structure. He had a good time.

He thought this was pretty hard though. I had to go under and talk him through.

Tahl really wanted to go on this balance beam. Maybe next time.

Here is Zev in the lion's mouth.

Tahl doesn't seem to want this hug I made Zev give him.

Here they are watching another kid ride on the robotic animals.

Zev decided to ride the zebra.

He seems very serious, like always, but I think he really liked it.

Last, here is a video of Zev going down the slide.

Zev had lots of fun, and Tahl seemed to like it too. I'm off to order the top picture of Tahl in the balls! We need more pictures of him around here.

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