Friday, June 8, 2012

fun with water

We have been having lots of fun in the hot weather.  This is Zev spraying the hose at Mike and Lisa's house in Tyler.  I have a cute video that Lisa sent me of him breaking the rocks with a hammer, but I can't get it in the right format...

We went to my mom's house this week to play in her backyard sprinklers.  She bought both the boys sunglasses as you can see on Tahl.

The three boys had fun playing together.

Here is a little video of Zev running in the sprinkler. Tahl is walking around looking cool in his glasses. The time I filmed this still remains the longest he has ever kept them on in a row.

We went to the splash park near our house with friends.

Zev is stomping out one of the sprayers.

Tahl wasn't sure he wanted to play until about five minutes before it was time to go.  Here he is playing with his friend.
We've also been swimming in our backyard, and Zev starts swim lessons tomorrow.

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