Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More water time...

Zev started swim lessons last week.  He did a great job and had lots of fun.  It may still be a while until he is swimming.  His teacher said he is "tense"... I think that may be an understatement, but at least he liked it. 

His teacher is Mr. Matt.  They are really fun there and let him wear "super hero shoes," also know as flippers.

He practiced jumping.

He was the king of the pool.

He cried when it was time to go. 

On Monday, I took Tahl to the arboretum with friends while Zev was at school.

He had lots of fun splashing and playing in the fountains. 

He also really enjoyed putting leaves in the bottom of our stroller. 

He might also have had a cookie...

Today, we went to the water park with my friend Heather and her kids.  You can see Zev here getting sprayed and her son Asher in the background with the truck. 

Last time we went, Tahl wasn't sure about it, but today he loved the water. 

Here he is splashing in the water!

Tahl was sad when it got in his face. After  a while we went to play on the playground next to the splash ground.  Tahl can go up the stairs and do everything now! I have to watch him like a hawk.  He makes me nervous.

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