Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 It has been a LONG time since I posted to the blog.  I have to get better about this!  

Here is a picture of Tahl and his friend Ella.  He somehow got her to feed him about 80% of her snack. Yum. 

One of the things that was keeping us so busy was our high school reunion.  Abby, Ari, and Julie worked hard to plan the reunion. It was last weekend, and it turned out great.  I was really proud of Ari for stepping up and planning so much of it. I would not have guessed that ten years ago!

Yesterday at the mall I bought Zev a Goofy doll and Tahl a Mickey.  Ari was not pleased that I am such a push over, but the boys love their new toys. Zev has been taking Goofy everywhere and telling him everything he does.

I went in to get Zev in the morning and found him in his laundry basket with Goofy.  

We went to the park this morning.  Tahl had so much fun.  He has been wanting to get out so bad, but the heat has been too much.  This morning it was only 85, so we headed to the park. 

Zev made a new friend, and he SHARED his toys pretty well the whole time.  They were playing games together and talking. I was so excited!

They even let Tahl dig a little.  Zev was still afraid of the sand box at this age. He did not like to get dirty, but Tahl does not have the same issue. 

I have never seen a kid as dirty from the sand box as Tahl was.  It was all over his entire body and especially his face.   He gave the sand several kisses.

The other little boy's mom said that her son told Zev he was sinking.  She said it was so funny as Zev took him seriously and tip toed over to save him, trying to make sure he didn't sink as well.  She said the look on his face when the realized he wasn't going to sink was completely like, this other guy is an idiot...

I am apparently really bothering Tahl while trying to get him to smile. 

He was all over the park.  He he is playing music. 


back in the sand box

 back to trying to climb

He was not into making a cheese face for me. 

 Tahl was enjoying the slide today.

When we got home from the park, I got Zev to say "cheese".

They were so dirty, Zev decided to just undress. 

Finally Tahl is happy! Is it any coincidence that he is eating? 

He is busy saying "cheeee!"

I tried to get a video of Tahl singing, but he was too busy eating.  I will try to post again soon!

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