Tuesday, August 14, 2012

16 months!

    I have only made one post since Tahl was 15 months! Whoops.  Tahl is another month older and even more fun.  This month has also brought him more independence and a bigger attitude when he doesn't get what he wants. Tahl is very different in what make him angry than Zev.  Zev would get so mad at this size if he dropped something, or if things didn't work out just like he planned.  Tahl just lets those things roll off his back, but he is very persistent about wanting something even if I say no.  There has been a war over if a few kitchen tools are his or mine this week.  He also just panics that he is starving as soon as he sees me start to cook.  He does not have the patience to wait for food whether it takes two minutes or thirty to make his dinner, he will scream the whole time.
    He also seems so much more mature too! He is completely climbing on and off of Zev's bed.  He is getting even more words too. He says "help please" and makes lots more animal noises. I think he is at about 30 words now.  He loves to take a shower, run, read books, and be outside. He loves to color and color up in his high chair. He also loves to HUG. He hugs all the other babies his size, if they want it or not.  He was hugging and kissing his friend Anthony in the baby pool this week so hard they both almost fell in. This month Tahl has also switched from two naps to one long nap in the middle of the day.  Zev and Tahl have been getting along pretty well this month, and we see them interacting more every day. Hopefully they will get along well enough to share a room one day!

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