Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tahl loves to sing

Tahl has decided that he loves to sing!  I am posting a few videos of his favorite songs.  This one is he and Zev singing "If all the Raindrops were Lemon drops and Gumdrops."  Please ignore my voice. Tahl requests this one all the time in the car by just saying "ah, ah, ah, ah..."

This is Tahl singing about his favorite subject, ducks! He is saying "quack" though I, of course, think it is obvious.

This is another video of Tahl singing.  Zev's favorite song has been let it be for about a year now.  We listen to it all the time.  Zev also "plays" it any time he picks up the guitar.  Apparently Tahl had been paying more attention than I thought.  Here you can hear him singing "b, b, b, b..." 

This isn't anyone singing.  It is just a cute picture of Tahl sharing lunch with a friend.
Tahl also loves to sing the Raffi popcorn song and yell "POP!". He will say "pop" at just the right time in his "lollypop" song too.  That used to be the only song that made him stop crying in the car, so he knows it very well.  We are having lots of fun with these two guys over here.

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