Monday, August 20, 2012

Tahl's first Haircut!

Tahl and Zev both got haircuts today.  Here are Zev's before pictures.

His hair is extra crazy because he is just about to get in the shower. 

Tahl's hair has gotten out of control and really tangled. 

Ari did not want him to get a hair cut, but I decided it was time. 

Just a little backside shot for cuteness sake. 

Here he is on the way to his haircut. 

Here is a shot of Zev getting his hair cut by my friend Catherine. 

I don't have any pictures of Tahl because I was holding him.  He did NOT like it. 

Here is Zev after.  He was happy with his new haircut. 

Tahl was still mad after it was over. 

He did not like the scissors, sitting still, or having Catherine so close to him. 

Here are the guys together in their matching shirt right before we got in the car. It is very hard to get them both looking at the camera right now. 

I think Tahl's hair looks cute, and it will look even better in a week or two. 
Tomorrow we have a play date with friends so the boys can show their new hair cuts off!

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