Monday, September 20, 2010

Buby and Buster and Cousin Kade

Zev's Buby and Buster came in town for the week. They had so much fun together. I am TERRIBLE about remembering the camera. I did get a few pictures though down below.

On Saturday after Yom Kippur services, we had friends over for dinner including my mom, Jay, and Zev's cousin Kade. He had lots of fun playing with Zev's toys after he went to bed. Kade loves footballs and trucks. He is a boy's boy.

He also loves his Papa.

Including, messing up his hair... Maybe next time Zev and Kade will get to play a little more before bed!

Zev definitely did lots of playing with his grandparents. He went with them to the mall, shopping, and on a trip with Buster to the park. Zev was really getting to know them, and they could not have had more fun together. He thinks Buster is hilarious, and Buby is very good at tickling his "piggies".

Hopefully at Thanksgiving, Zev will start remembering his family. We know he loves spending time with everyone.

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