Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicago Weekend

We spent the last weekend in Chicago celebrating Lindsay and Oren's wedding. I am useless with remembering to take pictures, but luckily Rachel is good at it, so here are some of her pictures!

Noah, Rachel, Ava, and Jaren

Rachel, Jaren, Ava, and Buby Mary

Here is Miss Jaren bouncing on the bed! She is so much fun.

Noah with his legoes

Here is Buby and her sister, Auntie Ester visiting with sweet baby Ava.
Baby Ava hardly ever cries and she is just so precious.

Baby Ava and me...

While I was holding baby Ava, Zevi decided to come and snuggle with us too.

Grandma Mimi holding Ava

Zevi and I at the brunch on Monday

Our little family

Uncle Herby, Tova, Ari and Zev

Oren, Rachel, Tova, and Ari
I think this is such a good picture...

Grandma Dee, Amanda, Jaren, and Ava

Noah is a pretty silly guy. I tried to get married to him at breakfast, but he insists I am already married to Uncle Ari. That appears to be a deal breaker for him.

Zach, Rachel, and Ava

me and Zevi Punkins

I obviously don't care for him at all.

There were tons of kids playing together at the brunch. Here we have Jaren, Zev, Sadie, and Sophie.

Sadie and Sophie with Shane. They are just getting cuter and cuter. I love their little matching outfits...

Last, this is the only picture of the bride and groom together I could find. Here we have Grandpa George, Oren, Lindsay, and Grandma Dee with Ava.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I just wish we got to spend more time visiting with everyone. It isn't too long until Thanksgiving and then I am SURE Zev will be walking. Then he can finally keep up with his cousins. Karen and Gregg come in town next week, so it won't be very long at all until Zev gets more visiting time with Buby and Buster.

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