Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gym Dandies

Zev has been going to "Gym Dandies" class on Fridays (and sometimes Mondays) at the Richardson Rec Center. He really enjoys playing with their toys for the first twenty minutes of free time. It is good practice for him with his sharing, and he has been doing better each class about not hitting or shoving others.

I didn't get any pictures, but after free time, we have circle time. That is a little more of a challenge to sit still for. Zev usually does better if he has an object to hold on to while he sits. Then we play with instruments, which you have to share and pass to the right. This can cause a big challenge, but it is good practice, I hope. After that we do the parachute which Zev really enjoys. We haven't decided if we will keep doing class again after next week as I only paid through September. I do know, know we will be having fun this Friday!

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